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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The love of our Father is unmatched. God tells us to cast our CARES, some translations say ANXIETY, on Him. This is probably a scripture you've heard before. This is one that is often recited. But how many of us can truthfully say that we've applied this truth to our lives? Have you ever felt heavy and weighed down by the many problems in your world? I can attest to this. Life can throw some heavy blows. Maybe a loved one recently lost their life. Maybe trauma has caused you to lose hope. Maybe you just don't see the need for your life here on earth anymore. In the midst of these sorrows, Christ is our lifeline. He swoops in and says "My child, I never intended for you to carry this pain. Give it to Me, I can handle it." He's always by our side, waiting for us to turn our attention to Him. The last line in Hebrews 13:5 says "For He has said "I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you." Psalm 46:1 says "God is our refuge and strength, A very Present Help in times of trouble." God has always desired to assist us in this life. That is why He left us Holy Spirit, who is our comforter. He wants us to be free of every worry and full of faith in Him. We must trust Him, for it is detrimental to our well-being. From the biggest to the smallest concern in our life, God wants us to trust Him with it. This is how we build true relationship with our Father. Establishing relationship enhances our faith in Him. And not only that, but it also allows God to overwhelm us with His peace that surpasses all of our understanding. So on this day, we declare to trust God with everything!

#HeCares #PredestinedByGod #JoyofTheLord

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